My Languages

Updated 2 May 2018

To learn at one point during my life: Odia, Nahuatl, Lakota, ,Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Kyrgyz, Albanian, Esperanto, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Lithuanian, Uzbek, Khmer, Gujarati, Grenadian Creole, Haitian Creole, Quechua, Turkmen, Tamil, Basque, Bileez kriol, Mandarin Chinese, Nahuatl, Scottish Gaelic, Hmong, Kannada, Comorian, Welsh, Dari, Slovak, and many Arabic dialects!

I drastically reduced my list for the sake of personal focus, happiness and stress reduction. As a result, I will almost certainly not take on any new languages this year unless called for by business, romance or travel.

A0 – Guarani,  Uyghur, Tuvaluan, Palauan, Mossi, Tajik,

grnuigtvlpauBurkina Faso on Twitter Twemoji 2.3tgk
A1: Rotuman


A2 – Burmese, Irish, Gilbertese Greenlandic, Lao, Hungarian, Fiji Hindi


B1 – Polish


B2 – Hebrew, Finnish, Krio, Icelandic, Fijian, Jamaican Patois

finhebSierra Leone on Twitter Twemoji 2.3islfijjam

C1 – Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Yiddish, Spanish (EU), German, Trinidadian Creole, Vincentian Creole

danswenob yid (Litvish)spadeuTrinidad & Tobago on Twitter Twemoji 2.3St. Vincent & Grenadines on Facebook 2.2

C2 – Bislama, Solomon Islands Pijin, Tok Pisin

tpiSolomon Islands on Twitter Twemoji 2.3Vanuatu on Twitter Twemoji 2.3

Native: eng (US) heb(Ancient)

Mission Plans:


May 2018 – Rotuman + ???????

June 2018 – ??????????

July 2018 – ???????????????

7 thoughts on “My Languages

  1. Mica says:

    Man I just discover this blog when I was looking for information about the Greenlandic language.. You are amazing!! Greetings from the Mexican Caribbean.. 😀

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