The Cosmi Language: What? Why? How?

After a long time in which I was keeping this language project secret, it is high time for me to have it revealed!

I’ve showed you some languages from some far-off places. But perhaps maybe you wondered if there was any language that has its origins in…OUTER SPACE?

Well, in this interesting life of ours, if you could probably think it up, chances are that it exists somewhere. And guess what? There is a space language!

Not only that, it also has a flag!

flag of cosmi language

The Cosmi Language,  as it is now called, split off from Russian as a result of work on distant space stations, not unlike the way that Afrikaans became separate from Dutch (once upon a time it was known as “Cape Dutch”). The word “Cosmi” is a shorthand form of the Russian words “космический язык”, which translates to English as “Space language”.

It is miraculous how such a language developed in such a short span of time, and the fact is, that there are lots and lots of materials for learning the Cosmi Language, the first-ever Earthling language that originated in outer space!

Pros: the grammar is extraordinary simple. There are no articles, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, interjections, verbs, adverbs, or any other part of speech, for that matter.

Cons: The pronunciation. This includes every single difficult sound in every language that you’ve ever heard of and beyond. Five different “ch” sounds from Dutch, Hebrew, German and, of course, Russian. The nasal vowels from Portuguese and Polish? They’re in! The Zulu/Xhosa click sounds? Yup! And let’s not forget the “ll” of Welsh fame and the “q” from Inuk Languages. They make appearances, too!

Perhaps you are wondering what this language actually looks like in its written form? Well, interestingly, I got one of my friends who currently works at a space station (I was prohibited from divulging his/her/its name on account of leaking classified information) who translated one of my existing blogposts into Cosmi.


Gvfw dws Káea sdtegltwsana, bs emzlmeaf emf bmjvvsšsf szlw em vadda Káea cmdlmnjsaf dws zma ájlwl emffbw, bs esav bmjvvsšal fm em mklatsl (emzlg aa bmgzcwzsš, em eawdsk). Vánbá bmjvvsšsf “Esffw sewjazcádsš / bmnvvádsš xwjlw zmhesl bs čsddal Káewyawds? Esffw kgf zádaavs jawhesl vsccáj eálcca, bmk kmf aa dwsl káhewdsš vszbw kcsfvafánsdsš?” Em ávbá twsjsš dwsl Jmgŧsk wjwl, emzlg vsđa tszátml wsl ygskkwyw dwsl vwsannsvsf. Em zmesf jmgŧsyawds em bsya Jmgŧsk vazlw, bs emf esav dwsf áaygf gszhhsl tmgjwl em kgys zaklgjbbá tajjs. Káeayawds gszhszmk emk aa dwsl wscla kanns, bs vátádsččsl emk kanns aa ygskkwyw dwsl yg emf áayymf gszhhsl gđđs yawds (g.v. Csdssddakmlyawdds, Cgjfsyawdds, Afmclalmlsyawdds). Em eáffánmgđs áayyw, emf gnllg daacgbaf emgzllsyaa bs fsa emf dgzcwf klmgjjál cájllsyajbaav. Emf ywzččwf Wmjgzhá , bs bmjvvsšwvbwf “ Gjjmlyg gdtegl Xaffeájcmk bs Kdsntsjv:ak?” Jmgŧsk (yg emf klmvwjwbaf Klguczgdesk) esŋážskkaa vwsannsvwaeew—Káea Cmdlmnjs, Vánnaksewyawdds, bs emf— Kcsfkwf:ak bs esavváa vsnnajaaccsdsš emkwsk. Emf vmgđsk af ygskkwyw bázccáf szlw Sewjazccá dws em wscla jmgnllmwsfs, bs fsa emk dws jszčsemš yskccsk em kgys twsdal. Em ázčča dwsl bmnvvádsš kgysk wjwl, bs em wsvfa sewjazcádsš kgysk wjwl (vád em wsvfa dws fsa bmnvvádsš , esŋŋad gnvsd kaf zwsbsl). Káea eáadtea ávvwzsvvá emffbw gska em kawdm bs xwsjáfs kgys—kgzcs xwsjáfaaf eaa dws esav em awžsk wsddaeak

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