How I Harnessed One of the Edutainment Games of My Youth to Do My Bidding

One fine day I found myself mentally fatigued and quite unable to stomach the linear learning patterns of Memrise any longer.
I needed to learn numbers in Finnish (this was early 2013) and I couldn’t imagine that flash cards or reciting things from tables would work particularly well.
While wandering around in the basement, I found a stack of 1990’s CDs that I had very much adored as a child. By and large, the only computer games I was allowed to play as a kid were those with educational value, but by no means did that mean that I wasn’t entertained.
I remember that there was this one game in which you would challenge Morty Maxwell, better known as the “Master of Mischief”, to some cartoonized version of the United States’ National Spelling Bee. In order to train for the various levels of competition, there were games used to ensured that you remembered how to spell the words.
Now, when I was a kid I loathed the idea of using the custom lists to create my own vocabulary. As an adult language learner, however, these custom lists were exactly what I needed…

yipi title screen

BEHOLD! My Northern Sami Months! Gathered and ready to be learned!
Interestingly this will work for words that you recognize passively, but not actively. For that, try getting another program. But should you need to learn words that are closely related to ones in languages you already speak, then by all means, Spellbound is for you.
Some things I should note: I had to change some of the letters because of the “special characters” in the language. Hence, the capital a’s being used instead of á, ŋ is written out as “ng”, and so forth.
Also “ođđajagimánnu” (January, literally “New Year Month”) couldn’t fit in the space provided.
I learned my Finnish and Northern Sami numbers perfectly when using this program (when memrise got me to a certain point but I was still forgetting them often), I tend to utilize it as a last resort or if I need some color in my life. Nostalgia is also a good reason to do many things as well.
Here are some more screenshots from my lastest adventure into Learning Company land:
picture 3

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6
You can get the program for free on DOSBox and search for “Super Solvers Spellbound” on some abandonware site to get the game, which is older than most college students today.
Enjoy your grand accomplishments on a national scale!

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