New Languages Challenge!

ay yay yay

Before 2014 is up, I intend to undertake serious study of two languages, one of which is popularly studied and the other of which very much is not:
(1) They are both the official languages of one nation each
(2) The nations they are affiliated with share the same colors in their flags
(3) The nations begin with the same letter in most European Languages spelled with the Latin Alphabet
(4) One of the languages is endangered
(5) Take one of the countries’ languages and translate the other country into that language. One possible result of this word will sound like a word (not the nicest one) associated with that other country (and that word is in English).

Maintaining languages will be a hard business, and I intend to fall behind on those that may not be important to me when I undergo my next transformation in New York City. Right now I cannot say which ones they will be, simply because I do not know.
One reason why I took up studies of rare languages more seriously upon getting my acceptance letter to JTS is because I realize that New York is a very linguistically diverse area—one that will give me chances to practice languages that I cannot even in ultra-multinational Heidelberg.
I will announce my plans for the rest of July and August in another post, to come very soon.
For kicks, I’m throwing in another language as well, although I may not intend to learn it to fluency on the long term:
This language has been described by my current textbook as a mixture of French, Polish, and Chinese (as far as phonetics are concerned).
That’s your only clue.
So, what three languages are these? Have a guess!

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